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An Alternatives Happy Customer

I thought I would share a story which one of my customers e-mailed to me recently, I feel privileged that I can help my customers in such a positive way:

“Hello Lydia, 

I just wanted to relay to you a little story that happened to me today. I have managed to arrange another interview for Thursday in Northampton and this time I was quite keen not to “blow it” and so determined to dress the part; I went looking for suitable (and fitting) attire. I tried at Tesco in Bletchley, Matalan, ASDA, BHS and both local branches of TK Maxx, prices in each case were higher than I am able to presently afford and nothing looked really good enough to impress. I had by the way looked on-line last week at some websites that sold Cerruti suits, but prices were a little out of my league, even if I had been fully employed hence my search for something less stylish but perhaps affordable – all those stores I mentioned offered neither of these requirements. I thought to myself that I will take your advice and get a Cerruti suit as soon as I was in a position to do so.

So today, I decided that I was going to drive to Stony Stratford and look at the charity shops, first one was Oxfam, but they had nothing at all, I then tried the Red Cross shop. I have to tell you that my requirement is a wee bit particular – I need a slim fit 38 R with 32 S trousers and it must also be a darkish material. The first suite I looked at there was a 38R so I took it to the little change room and tried on the jacket, it fitted like it was made for me. I then checked the label in the trousers and they were 32 S, I couldn’t believe it was a perfect dark grey suit that was slim-line cut and all the right measurements. I then decided to read the label to see who it was made by and I went cold when I read the name – Cerruti. So I followed your advice and it only cost me £12.50. You are a superstar thank you for impressing that name into my psyche, I had never heard of it until last Tuesday.”


Cliff, my customer, then went on to request a further two alterations for shortening trouser bottoms… by the way, I love shortening trouser bottoms.

I have a huge Thank You to Cliff for letting me share this story.

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